What is fear?

In times of trouble. We stumble. We trip. We fall. It hurts. It breaks. It destroys. There is pain. There is darkness. There is grief. There is guilt.

Does any of us need to be shamed? Can we learn to free ourselves from the walls and mile high bars.

What can we learn? Can we find strength in bringing our hands off the ground then lift our knees and slowly allow our head to look ahead and keep going.

Can we continue to endure those moments of trouble? Can we seek power from the hidden places? The unknown and the places we never thought we’d ever find.

It’s possible. Anything is possible.





where do we live?

where do we belong?

do we belong where we live?

we all live amongst one another and we learn to conform to what is right because when we do what is wrong there is consequence.

Wrong doing is subjective. Which makes all we do subjective. Are we really living where we aren’t right now or are we living where we were 5 minutes ago.

Do we truly belong where we are or are we living in the past?

The Mess

Happy Saturday💛 
Many of us wander, try new things, fall in love and try our best to be our best. Achieving happiness is the ultimate goal–once we found what makes us feel SO good, purely good. Then we keep doing those routines. 
Sometimes, just sometimes life gets messy and we make mistakes. And that mess, well, we try to clean it up–some clean up well and some throw it in the closet or sweep it under the rug. What good does that do? The people in our lives are all there for a reason. To help us clean it up? To make the mess for us? Reasons we may not understand. 
A lot of us feel the need to always ask for help, and some do not ask at all. Since you’ve probably wandered, tried new things and fallen in love. Why don’t WE ALL try what we are not used to. Do things on your own when you always ask for help–ASK for help when you want to be the hero. You may-just maybe fall in love with LIFE itself. There are many aspects of life and this is simply one. We can do ANYTHING we set our minds up for. Let life be messy, but let it be extraordinary! Not everyone will understand and that’s okay. Try to wander and fall in love with something new(not someone 😉 ). 
Love Life KP 



Is it too much when you are always there. You are always expected to be there.

It’s your birthday and do you expect presents? Or the presence of this whom you cherish?

When we have little it doesn’t seem like enough and when we have too much it deems with little importance.

So we are stuck with being in the middle.

I present to you: a tight roper, a gymnast; why they can walk in the middle and balance well on a thin line and staying in the middle.

Rather than wishing upon more presence, presentations and presents why don’t we be more present. Present ourselves not boastful yet with sincerity. Provide presents pleasantly and give them with out receiving any back. For the best present in life is presenting kindness, empathy, generosity, patience, compassion, honesty, humility and integrity.

Give presents by being present and may you always try to walk and stay in the middle on your own tight rope. You got this.

We celebrate your birthday as you make your wish, which is only yours to share or present to whomever you so please.

Love Life,





Stop. Such an abrupt thug to say. Do we ever stop? Do we ever take a moment to be still and think about how we stop and why we stop?

Imagine a world without stop signs, without stop lights, with out stopping. Would we keep going? Would we as a species learn to stop when there is something else come our way? Or do we continue until a crash and learn from consequence? Or will we learn before we make it that far?

From the start of the stop creating such order. Such direct orders.

If we direct ourselves to stop without a sign or light what are we stopping for? So look around and see what is surrounding all of us? When did we all begin to just stop and observe and even take note or draw what could be compelling to the eye, ear, nose, hand or mouth?

is it then a selfish task to stop and observe what we like and not want to stop for what others like? Or not stop for what we have to stop for?


In time, which never stops, we all learn what we like to stop for. We all learn what we have to stop fo. We all learn why others may stop too.

Love Life,





imageThe truth is. No one knows. We have to believe the next choice we make will be the choice we are meant to make. But how do we know it’s right if we don’t know what’s wrong?

Our thoughts derive from something we’ve seen or something we’ve touched, something we’ve heard, something we smelled or something we’ve tasted.

We don’t begin to choose what we see, touch, hear, smell or taste. They’re given to us at first and we learn to find what we prefer.

What we think is a whole other path but it all stems from the foundation of our senses

We seek the right choice, we try to find truth. But what makes it the truth. What makes it concrete. What makes spaghetti taste like spaghetti or roses smell likes roses? You say silk feels smooth but is that the truth? Is that a fact? Or is it perception. Is perception then the truth?

We all see, feel, smell, taste and hear in similar ways almost the same yet the truth can be be far from the same. Just as what we like to see, feel, smell, taste and hear are far from the same.

Maybe that’s it. We can use our senses in the same way but what we like and dislike are frequently different and evolving, changing and dynamic. We cant change what we like or dislike is we don’t use our senses and if we don’t try to smell a new scent or hear a new a sound.

So that’s the truth. The truth is you’ll find the truth by always seeing, always hearing, always feeling, always tasting and always smelling. They create the facts that are you. And the truth will continue on even after we aren’t here.

Love Life,



imageI am intuitive has such seduction. You feel so you do. How powerful is that although one may call it reckless.

“My intuitive sense of the natural right thing to do under the circumstances, when it is really working, seems somehow to take future events into consideration. I feel, “Do this,” and it is not until afterwards that I can see the sense of it.”

Hugh Prather, Notes to Myself

All distractions aside have you ever sat and thought about what you want or what you feel? Wanting something stems from a positive experience with what you want. How did you decide to like or desire that one thing?

You take a step into the unknown, something you don’t know you want but you do it anyways because you feel you should. The feeling triggers an actions that leads to satisfaction or not. Until you know which of the two it is, the idea of liking the unknown is a mystery. Although your subconscious may already know you, yourself hasn’t any idea.

It all becomes an awareness,  a whole hearted awareness of self. It will direct and guide you towards the place you are meant to be.

You are intuitive. Be silent and listen to yourself.


Love life,